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Because of file size restraints, we are unable to physically put up all of the Volume Three evidence that has been gathered.  However, we thought it might be interesting for residents to see some of the wildlife that was spotted within the Silverstone parish during our extensive investigations

Would you miss the call of the Cuckoo in the spring or the sight of deer bounding across the fields?

Would you miss the glimpse of a badger on a moonlit night or spying a fox running for cover in a summer meadow?

We think not, enjoy this snapshot video of some of the wildlife encountered during the production of this Neighbourhood Plan


An extensive survey was also carried out around the village to ascertain the extent of our resident bat population.

The map on the left shows where sound recordings have been made of various bat species.

Below is the typical sound recorded for the Common Pipestrelle Bat species.

There were five main species recorded in Silverstone:

Lesser Noctule

Common Noctule

Common Pipistrelle

Soprano Pipistrelle

Brown long eared bat