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Welcome - you have obviously read the article in News and Views, seen one of our Master Plan Vision (MPV) Maps around the village or viewed a poster advertising the launch of this Consultation for the Silverstone Neighbourhood Plan and we have aroused your curiosity.

This newly created website displays all the information necessary to inform you about the draft plan. As this is the Consultation stage, it is important to submit comments, whether you wish to support the draft plan, or if you wish to object. The plan is formally published for public consultation on Friday, 16th April, 2021, hence it’s digital presence here and will be available to comment on for six weeks until Friday, 28th May 2021.

Whereafter the website will continue to be available to view but no further comments will be accepted. If you are aware of any person in the village who does not have access to the internet and would like to receive a ‘loan’ copy of the printed plan, then please let us know and we will make one available.


Response Forms for comment are available and can be downloaded from this website to enable you to print and comment. There is also a printed response form in April’s edition of News and Views.  Paper copies of completed response forms may be dropped off at various points around the village – Croft Stores; Silverstone CE Primary School; The White Horse; and the SRA (lockdown restrictions allowing). 

Comments on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, by using the specially prepared response form* may be submitted to either:

  • A marked Neighbourhood Plan box as detailed above.

  • By post to: The Parish Clerk, 12 The Slade, Silverstone, NN12 8UH.

  • By email with the response form attached, to:  

All response forms must include your name, organisation (if appropriate), address, telephone number and email (if appropriate). 

 All comments provided will appear in full in the published Consultation Statement.

* Response Forms may either be downloaded from this website where it is located on the Response/Contact page or by using the pull-out page from April's News & Views or request a copy by sending a message via contact on this website giving your email addressPLEASE NOTE THAT THE CONSULTATION PERIOD HAS NOW ENDED AND THE RESPONSE FORM IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE TO BE DOWNLOADED